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Chapter 21

Sarah’s P.O.V

Sarah rubbed at her tired eyes as she crept through through the slumbering Goblin City in the early morning light. The place was eerily silent which, Sarah was thankful for she didn’t want anyone seeing her and reporting back to Jareth.

Sarah had woken early after a restless night, not being able to go back to sleep, she decided that she might as well get up and do something useful. She blamed her uneasy night on her confrontation with Jareth the night before. She berated herself for letting Jareth play on her emotions, now he knew what an effect he could have on her, he was bound to try something similar again. Next time I won’t be so pathetic, he’s The Goblin King for crying out loud, Heroines aren’t supposed to go all mushy when the Villain kisses them, heck the Villains aren’t even supposed to kiss the Heroin in the first place! Sarah fumed and she pulled on a simple green dress over brown leggings, which she had found at the back of her wardrobe, and tied a leather belt round her waist.

Sarah had snuck out the Castle, cautiously creeping past two sleeping Gargoyles that guarded the Castle door.  Now she tiptoed through the quiet streets of the Goblin city, careful not to wake the Chickens and Goblins who had passed out drunk on the path. When she reached the gates to the city she noticed that the remains from humongous were still in the process of being removed. Metal parts still littered the area, but most of it had been piled into a cart. The sentry at the gate slept on and Sarah wondered if it was the same one as when she’d first arrived at the city.

She walked on and quickly came to the Junk Fields; since she couldn’t sleep, she might as well search for that damned peach.

Sarah starred in horror at the mounting Piles of old toys, books, trinkets and more that covered the large area. Her heart sank.

“How is anyone meant to find anything in all this mess?” Sarah asked despairingly.

“How does anyone find anything? By looking of course!” Cackled a voice off to Sarah’s left. Turning Sarah noticed Agnes the Junk lady watching her. “Backs agains I see, what you lost this time then?” Agnes shuffled around Sarah.

“I’d rather not say.” Sarah told her, remembering how the old junk lady had tried to hinder her journey.

“Is it this?” Agnes asked, holding up a broken doll with only one eye. Sarah shook her. Agnes rummaged through another pile of junk before pulling out a deflated ball.

“This?” The old lady tried again.

“No, I’m not looking for anything like that.”

Agnes harrumphed in response and started picking through the pile again.
Sarah stared around her at the seemingly endless fields of Junk.
“This is impossible.” She sighed.

“Nothing’s impossible.” Agnes muttered.

Leaving Agnes to her pile of Junk Sarah tucked her skirt into her belt and began climbing one of the huge mounds of useless items, it took her a couple of minutes due to the size of the pile and also because she had to be careful where she put her feet so as not to dislodge anything. On reaching the top Sarah turned to survey the area below her, from this height she could see the Labyrinth stretched out before her. She watched as the sun slowly climbed high into the sky and illuminated the giant maze. The glitter that covered the Labyrinth sparkled in the morning light, adding to the dreamlike view below.

“It sure is a beautiful sight.” Sarah sighed
“Yes, it is, a view that is only improved by your presence my dear.” Jareth’s voice came from behind her.

Sarah started, and lost her footing; the junk beneath her started to shift and began to tumble down the slope taking Sarah with it. Quickly a strong arm wrapped round her waist and pulled her back onto stable ground.

Sarah gripped Jareth tightly as she watched the avalanche she had caused to slowly stop.

“That precious, is what you humans would call a ‘close call’. If I hadn’t been here you’d be buried under a mass of forgotten belongings.” Jareth whispered in her ear.

Sarah cautiously extricated herself from his grasped and warily stepped away.

“If you hadn’t of been I wouldn’t have caused that avalanche in the first place.” Sarah snapped at him.  

“Really precious, I did just save your life; a thank you would be nice.”

Sarah glared at him, but she begrudgingly knew he was right.

“Thanks.” Sarah muttered.

“Can I get a kiss for my heroic deed?”

“Don’t push your luck.” Sarah growled.

“Might I ask what you are doing all the way out here my love?” Jareth inquired

“I woke early and couldn’t get back to sleep so I thought I’d go exploring.” Sarah said innocently.

“Did you not worry about getting lost again?” Jareth asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I knew you’d find me eventually.” She shrugged. I was true; Jareth probably kept tabs on her with those damn Crystals of him.

“That’s right; I’ll always find you sooner or later.” Jareth smirked. Sarah narrowed her eyes at him.

“But what, my dear, prompted you to come to this part of my Kingdom it’s certainly isn’t the most picturesque part of the Underground.”

“She’s looking for something!” Cackled Agnes suddenly reappeared again. Sarah glared at her.

“Yes, but what?” Jareth pondered as he studied Sarah closely, “What could Sarah Williams possibly be searching for in the Junk Fields?”

“I wasn’t searching for anything.” Sarah prayed he believed the lie, “I was just curious is all.”

Jareth moved closer and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

“Curious of what exactly?” he asked

“All this.” Sarah motioned with her hand at the Junk Fields.

“What about it?” Jareth asked

“Well, what’s it all doing here in the first place?”

“It is here as part of the Labyrinth’s defences. As to how it all got here, well, that’s simple, magic. All the objects you see once belonged to humans. All objects that are lost or forgotten about end up here.” Jareth explained as he took her hand and carefully helped her down the pile of broken junk.

“What if you lose something in the junk fields?” Sarah asked

“Eventually it will vanish into the ether. Once you lose something here it can never be recovered.”  
Sarah hoped that the peach had not been completely lost.

“Has your curiosity been sated yet my love?” Jareth inquired.

“Mostly, but I’m not done exploring. If I’m going to be stuck here i might as well know my way around.”

Jareth grinned down at her.

“I’m glad you’ve finally conceded to living here.”

“Well, you haven’t given me any choice, have you?” Sarah pointed out.

“Your life will be so much more pleasant once you stop resisting me.” Jareth smirked.

“As I told you last night, me, giving in to you is never going to happen.” Sarah hissed. Jareth only continued to grin.

“We shall see precious.” Jareth chuckled, “oh and for future reference Sarah, I can think of something far more enjoyable to do when you can’t sleep than taking a walk.”

Quick as a flash Jareth darted forward and captured her lips in a hard kiss. Before Sarah had time to react he had vanished in a flurry of glitter.

“Insufferable jerk!”  Sarah muttered under her breath, choosing to ignore the spark of excitement she’d felt. Damn treacherous body!

“So you is going to be his Majesty’s Queen then?” Agnes called.

“Not if I can help it.” Sarah mumbled as she started to search through the junk for the enchanted peach.

Jareth’s P.O.V

Jareth settled in his chair in his study and elegantly positioned his feet up on the desk in front of him. He grinned wickedly to himself. Sarah really had no idea who she was up against.
He snapped his fingers and four terrified Goblins appeared.

“The Lady Sarah is exploring the Kingdom today; you will accompany her and see to it that she doesn’t get lost. Is that understood?” Jareth told them.
The Goblins all nodded in unison.

“I don’t have to remind you of the consequences should Sarah come to some harm do I?”
The Goblins all shook their heads; one was shaking so violently that its edges were blurry.
“Good, get out.”

The Goblins scrambled over each other in their eagerness to leave. Jareth smiled, it was good to be King. After banishing those three yesterday his subjects had been on their best behaviour. Except those cretins he’d set to watch Sarah the day before, who were now languishing in one of the dankest darkest Oubliettes. Hopefully today’s Goblins wouldn’t make the same mistake. Anyway, it was only for today; Sarah’s new Watcher would be arriving later today.

His study door banged open and in rushed and out of breath Goblin.

“Your Majesty your Majesty!” the creature shrieked.

“If you’re here to tell me another building is on fire, I’ll bog you where you stand!” Jareth snarled.

“No your Majesty, it’s flooded this time.” The Goblin squeaked.

Jareth closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, he had been wrong; sometimes it wasn’t good to be King.

Sarah’s P.O.V

Some hours later, Sarah had gotten nowhere.

“There’s so much stuff here I can’t tell which piles I’ve gone through and which ones I haven’t!”

Sarah despaired picking up a chipped wooden solider and hurling it away.

“There has to be a better way to search than this!” she cried.

A clattering noise behind her caused her to turn. There, scrabbling over the Junk was a small Goblin, the toy soldier clamped between its teeth.  

“Here you go Lady.”

“Umm...thanks.” Sarah said, tacking the small toy the Goblin was offering her. “Why are you giving me this?”

“That’s how it works doesn’t it lady?”

“What work?” Sarah asked, deeply confused.

“The Game!” the Goblin said happily,” The game we see humans playin with those hairy thingies. They throw things and the hairy thing brings it back!”

“You mean fetch?”

The Goblin nodded enthusiastically.

“Throw again Lady!”  The Goblin bounced up and down with excitement.

“Hang on a minute did Jareth send you to spy on me?” she asked suspiciously.

“King sent us to make sure Lady no get lost!” he informed her.


Three more Goblins abruptly appeared, all staring fixedly at the toy she was holding.
Suddenly Sarah was struck with an idea. One that would help her find the peach without Jareth finding out.

“How about we play a different game?” she suggested.

“What game?” the first Goblin asked.

“It’s called Treasure Hunt.”

“How do you play it?” another asked.

“Well, I give you a list of objects to find, you search for them and when you found them you bring them back. The one with the most items wins.”

The Goblins all squealed and shrieked with enthusiasm.

“What will we be looking for Lady?” A Goblin piped up over the din his friends were making.
Sarah quickly rattled off some objects for them to hunt including a peach and watched with satisfaction as the Goblins all rushed off in search for them.

Jareth’s P.O.V

“If any other disaster befalls any more buildings in this city, the Goblin responsible will be joining those in the Outlands!” Jareth thundered, as he stormed back into his Castle and up to his Throne room. There he found a Goblin shaking violently outside his study.

“What now?” he demanded.

“Sorry, your Kingship, but... he’s here.... the one you sent for.” The Goblin stuttered pointing a shaky finger towards the study door.

“Excellent.” Jareth said, striding into his study and slamming the door, “Fenrir, my thanks for your speedy arrival. I trust your journey was not tedious.”

A deep growling laugh came from the shadows and out stepped a creature that was neither wolf nor man, but something in-between.  Fenrir, a creature who had inspired countless tales and whose very name struck fear into the hearts of men. Some believed he was the son of a God others a man who’d been cursed into a wolf for devouring human flesh, but the truth of Fenrir was shrouded in mystery so that none but he knew what was truth and what was legend.

“I found ways to amuse myself on my travels, hunting those who stray from the path is a favourite pastime of mine.” The deep voice rumbled and the creature bent low in a bow. “But now I am intrigued as to why the Goblin King has seen fit to summon me?”
Jareth seated himself behind his desk.

“I have need of your special skills, old friend.”  He said, reclining back into his chair and regarded Fenrir.

“Whatever you need, I shall oblige my liege.” Fenrir answered in his growly voice. “I shall not rest till your enemies blood runs from my jaws or find whatever it is you seek.”

“There is a human girl in my Kingdom. I need her watched and my Goblins have proven inadequate for the task.” Jareth told him.

The fur on Fenrir’s back bristled and stood on end.

“I am a hunter of men Goblin King, not a babysitter for some Human wench!” he snarled baring his teeth.

The air in the room suddenly buzzed with magic and Fenrir realized that he may have just made a big mistake. Jareth’s eyes blazed with anger as he stared coldly across the desk.

“Never refer to Sarah as a human wench again Fenrir less you want to lose everyone one of those teeth you’re so proud of.” The steel in his voice told the wolf that it was not a bluff.
He bowed low again.

“My apologies, my King, I meant no disrespect, I just think my talents should be put to better use than keeping track of some ordinary human.” Fenrir grunted

“That is where you are wrong, Sarah is no ordinary human. She is the only one to ever defeat the Labyrinth and rescue a wished away child. She also is going to be the Goblin Queen and my Wife.” Jareth informed him.

Fenrir was shocked he’d none the Goblin King for centuries and he had never expressed any desire to take a wife.

“If she is your future bride then why do you need me to spy on her?” Fenrir asked.

“Because Sarah mission in life is to fight me every chance she gets. I have managed to trap her in the Underground and use her friends as leverage to get her to agree to marry me but still she seeks away to escape me. She is up to something and I want to know what, but she has a natural talent when it comes to evading my spies. That’s where you come in, with sense of smell you can track her no matter where she sneaks off to.”

“And you wish me to report back to you on her movements?” Fenrir asked.

Jareth nodded.

“You can start tomorrow and I will not be pleased if she manages to elude you as well.” Jareth said darkly. Fenrir grunted as he loped towards the door.

“Seems like a lot of troubled for just one small human.” He growled

“Well, she won’t be human for very much longer.” Jareth grinned as he began to work through the pile of paperwork that had accumulated on his desk.
It's Far From Over Ch 21
Disclaimer: i sadly do not own the Labyrinth all characters mentioned above belong to (C) Jim Henson. Meep, Reginald and other characters not from the film however do belong to me.
If you want me update keep those reviews coming

Shortly after sarah returns from The labyrinth she relises that the Goblin King is not quite as defeated as she hoped and that he is far from finshed with her! This time the Goblin King will stop at nothing to get what he wants!

chapter 1…
I meant to upload this chapter earlier but I wasn’t really happy with it so I’ve been re-writing it quite a bit. This chapter does get a little steamy; there isn’t any sex or naked Goblin Kings (sadly) but things do heat up between Sarah and Jareth briefly so if you don’t like that sort of thing don’t read on.

Chapter 20

Sarah’s P.O.V

Sarah Inwardly groaned, she had been contemplating different ways she could search for the peach without Jareth finding out what she was up to, but so far you had nothing. She knew he would set somebody to watch her and this it would probably not be someone she could so easily sneak away from like the Goblins. Besides if she kept evading who ever Jareth had spying on her he was bound to get suspicious. She absent mindedly picked at the food in front of her, not really eating much of anything.

“I hope you’re still not thinking of ways to escape me precious.” Jareth asked from where he sat at the head of the table one leg casually tossed over the arm of his chair.
Sarah gritted her teeth.

“Well, if I was I’m unlikely to tell you, aren’t I?” she shot back with a venomous look. His laughter only added to her irritation.

“I guess not my love, but remember this, my magic brought you here and only my magic can return you to the above ground and I have no intention of letting you go.”

That’s why we need the peach! He’s magic enchanted it. Sarah schooled her face into an emotionless mask. She didn’t want to let on that she knew a way out.

“Well, looks like I’m trapped here for the rest of my life then doesn’t it, at least I can take comfort in the fact that my life will be relatively short compared to yours.”

She’d hoped to annoy by implying that she took reassurance knowing that she could one day escape him through death. She was surprised however when he gave a low chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” she demanded.

Jareth picked up his wine goblet and eyed her carefully before taking a sip.

“Did you honestly believe I’d allow you to remain human? Sarah dear, I have no intention of marrying you just to have you die decades later.”

He placed his goblet down as Sarah stared speechlessly at him.

“But....? You can’t change what I am? That’s impossible!” she cried.

“Precious this is the Underground, anything is possible.”

Sarah leapt from her seat anger flashing in her eyes as she backed away. No way was she going to let him change her! She was happy being human she didn’t want to be some kind of Fae like him!

“You can’t!” she yelled at him, “I won’t let you!”

Jareth rose and began stalking towards her.

“Sarah, are you defying me? You do remember the consequences of that, don’t you?” Jareth asked as he backed her up against the wall.

“You’ve already banished my Friends what more can you do!” she spat angrily.

“Many things,” Jareth whispered, placing his hands on the wall either side of Sarah effectively boxing her in. “Bring them back and lock them up again or I could even have them executed. The Contract would be null and void so I would have every right to do so.”

Sarah paled as his words sank in.

“You wouldn’t.” Sarah stated quietly.

“I think we both know I would.” Jareth said darkly.

“You evil, twisted...”

“Sarah.” Jareth warned.

Sarah fought to reign in her temper.

“I hate you!” she hissed through gritted teeth.

Jareth merely chuckled. A gloved hand glided through her long hair and gently cupped the back of her neck.  Before Sarah had time to pull away, he had lowered his head and began kissing and nipping  at the soft skin at the base of her throat.
Sarah struggled to fight off the wave of pleasure and excitement that swept through her as Jareth continued his assault up her neck.  Fire burned and pulsed in her lower belly. No! Sarah mentally berated herself. No! You are not getting turned on by the Goblin King!
She bit back a moan as Jareth’s teeth grazed a particular sensitive spot.

“There’s a thin line between love and hate my love.” Jareth murmured between kisses.
Sarah wrestled to gain control of her turbulent senses.

“I will never love you!” she managed to hiss out and her legs almost gave out as the hot breath of his laughter tickled her venerable skin. His month was at her ear now; his tongue darted out and slowly licked the shell of her ear.
Sarah failed to suppress the shiver of pleasure that it caused.
“Are you quite sure precious? Because your body seems to be saying otherwise.”

Sarah finally managed to regain partial control over limbs and placed her hand on his chest. With great effort she managed to push him away from her, ignoring the feeling of disappointment that filled her when his lips left contact with her skin.

“Lust isn’t love!” she snapped, moving away to put more distance between them. “You might have me Goblin King, but you will never have my heart!”

With that Sarah span on her heel and raced from the room, slamming the heavy door behind her.
Jareth growled in frustration as he turned and strode over to the winder. Flinging it wide he stared out into the sunset before transform with a whirl of glitter in owl form and flying off into the oncoming night.

Jareth’s P.O.V

Some hours later

Jareth stormed into his throne room and threw himself down onto his thrown muttering menacingly to himself.
His flight had done nothing to elevate him of the bad mood Sarah’s words had created.
He’d thought that after her friends had been banished she would have given up fighting. He realized now that she wasn’t done yet defying him.
Jareth knew she was up to something. He didn’t believe her ‘gone for a walk and got lost’ story for a minute, he’d seen the look in her eyes. She had a secret.
But what did her secret matter? There was no way she could possibly escape no matter what she tried, but still, he wished he knew what she’d been up to.
He cursed the stupidity of his Goblins; he would have to find someone more reliable to watch Sarah in the future.
Flicking his wrist, a crystal form, an image of Sarah sleeping fitfully in her bed filled it.
Slowly Goblin’s crept from the shadows where they had been hiding in the throne room and clambered around the throne to better see into the crystal.

“Why must you always defy me, you precious thing? Why can’t you just give in to me? I ask for so little...” Jareth whispered as he watched his mortal sleep.
Her words from earlier still echoed threw his mind.

‘Lust isn’t will never have my heart!’

“She’ll give in eventually.” He told himself, his words lacking conviction.

“She’ll never give up.” A Goblin beside him rasped.

“Won’t she?” Jareth asked, not taking his eyes from the sleeping girl in the crystal.

“Lady’s will as strong as King’s” another Goblin hissed.

Slowly Jareth’s fingers tightened round the orb till it shattered into glitter.

“You may be right.” Jareth muttered, watching the sparkling power float to the floor.

He sat there thinking for some moments before a wicked grin spread across his face.

“But there might just be a way around that.”

Jareth wanted Sarah’s heart more than anything else in all the worlds, but she was determined not to give to him. He had told Sarah only a few days ago that when he wanted something he would go any length to get it. If he couldn’t persuade Sarah to love him willingly well, there was always another option.
It's Far From Over Ch 20
Disclaimer: i sadly do not own the Labyrinth all characters mentioned above <nobr>belong</nobr> to (C) Jim Henson. Meep, Reginald and other characters not from the film however do belong to me.
If you want me update keep those reviews coming

Shortly after sarah returns from The labyrinth she relises that the Goblin King is not quite as defeated as she hoped and that he is far from finshed with her! This time the Goblin King will stop at nothing to get what he wants!

chapter 1…
Chapter 19

Jareth’s P.O.V

Jareth sat on his Throne, his legs casually dangling over one side, a crystal dancing across is fingertips. The room was abuzz with chatter and laughter; the Goblins were being more unruly than usual. It was Jareth’s punishment of Sarah’s three friends that had caused the Goblins boisterous behaviour. They were never happier than when somebody else was being punished.

Jareth chuckled darkly as an image of the threesome flicked in the crystal. They were trying hard to block out the screams and shrieks of the nightmares that swooped around them. He continued to watch as Hoggle picked up a dead branch and tied swiping at the dark wraiths that were swarming around only for his makeshift weapon to go uselessly through it.

He tossed the crystal orb high into the high air with another chuckle and turned to watch the Goblins, who had quickly turned his Throne room into a war zone. Usually Jareth would have been annoyed at the outrageous mess his subjects had made of his recently tidied Throne room, but today he was in a good enough mood to let it slide.

He almost had everything he wanted; Sarah was here, trapped in the underground and engaged to him, her Friends had been successfully gotten rid of in a way that would not cause Sarah any permanent grief and also would ensure that none of his subjects would put a toe out of line for the next century or so. Now all he needed to do was to get Sarah to fall in love with him. That was proving difficult. It had thought that he could quickly gain Sarah’s affection by giving her gorgeous dresses and beautiful rooms; he had believed that he could thaw her coldness with his passionate kisses, but while he knew he was having an effect on Sarah, she was still remaining stubborn. In time he could break down her walls and would have Sarah heart and soul. But Jareth wasn’t patient, he wanted Sarah’s love now and in order to get it, he was going to have to use some very powerful magic.

His eyes wandered around the chaotic room and settled on a group of Goblins who were busy pulling out black chicken feathers from their clothing, his eyes narrowed.  In one lithe movement he rose from his throne and picked his way through the mass of Goblins the covered his floor, occasionally kicking a Goblin out of his way. He stopped in front of the Goblins who were grooming themselves and waited for them to notice him, tapping his foot impatiently.

One by one the small group notice the boots of their monarch and slowly their eyes rose to meet his.
“Well?” Jareth asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked down at the group of Goblins who were starting to tremble with fear.
“Well?” The Goblin parroted confused.
“Your Explanation. I want it.” Jareth demanded.
“Explanation?” the Goblins asked stilled confused.
“An explanation as to why you’re here and not watching the Lady Sarah like I told you to. And it had better be exceptional.” Jareth hissed.  
“Chickens!” A small Goblin piped up, and immediately shrank as Jareth glared at him.
“Chickens?” Jareth asked.
“They attacked us!” another yipped.
“Yeah, they bit my hands off!” a third said, waving his clearly intact hands in the air.
Jareth rolled his eyes.
“And what were chickens doing in my castle? I seem to remember saying that any Goblin’s found hiding chickens would be spending an extended vacation in the Bog of Eternal Stench.”
All the Goblins gulped simultaneously.
“We don’ts knows your majesty.” One whispered.
Jareth rolled his eyes, he was aware that they were lying, he would punish them but, first he needed to find Sarah.
“Where is Lady Sarah now?”
“Lady disappeared, we didn’ts see where.” A Goblin squeaked.
Jareth growled and stormed from the room.
“Imbeciles!” he spat summoning a Crystal and stared into it.
Sarah was in the Labyrinth not far from the hedge maze by the looks of it, she was heading back towards the castle, but he wouldn’t put it past Sarah to be trying to escape.
In a cascade of glitter the Goblin King vanished.

Sarah’s P.O.V

Sarah hurried along after Scar, her torn skirts swishing around her feet. She didn’t know how long she’d been walking. They weren’t going the way they had come, and Sarah was grateful for that, she didn’t fancy squeezing threw any more gaps or making her way through dark caves.

Ahead Scar stopped and fluttered in the air for a moment.
“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked.
Scar continued to flutter for a few more seconds before darting back towards Sarah and sinking back into the stone of the her necklace.
“What?” Sarah gasped, “How am I supposed to find by way back now?” she asked.
“How indeed precious?” Jareth’s voice came from behind.
Sarah gasped and span around. Jareth was leaning up against the wall of the Labyrinth watching her.
“Will you stop doing that!” Sarah snapped.
“Stop doing what precious?” Jareth asked.
“Appearing out of thin air.” Sarah said.
Jareth smiled at her wickedly.
“Just keeping you on your toes.”
She scowled at him as he pushed off the wall and stalked towards.
“Care to tell me what you’re doing Sarah?” he asked watching her face carefully.
“Taking a walk.” She replied, schooling her face into innocence.
His eyes raked up and down her body and Sarah remembered what a state her dress was in.
“And what, pray happened to your dress?”
“Erm,” Sarah said, thinking quickly. “I got lost and had to push through a gap and caught my dress.” It was kind of true.
“Really,” Jareth asked, “In the future I’ll make sure you’re escorted when you wish to take walks.”
Sarah inwardly groaned, she couldn’t say no otherwise he would know she was up to something.
“Thanks.” She said trying not to sound sarcastic.
He reached out his hand to her.
“I think we should return to the castle now precious, I’m sure you’re hungry after you walk.”
Reluctantly Sarah took how of his hand and in a flurry of Glitter the two of them vanished.
It's Far From Over Chapter 19
Disclaimer: i sadly do not own the Labyrinth all characters mentioned above belong to (C) Jim Henson. Meep, Reginald and other characters not from the film however do belong to me.
If you want me to update keep those reviews coming

Shortly after sarah returns from The labyrinth she relises that the Goblin King is not quite as defeated as she hoped and that he is far from finshed with her! This time the Goblin King will stop at nothing to get what he wants!

Labyrinth Video ( Jareth's Revenge)

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 5:15 AM
Found this really cool Video on youtube, i can't stop watching it.
It uses my favorite film, labyrinth, and my favorite song from the 1997 Anastasia film.
This video made me smile and it's really well made so enjoy :)…

Also check out my Labyrinth Fanfiction
chapter 1:…
chapter 2:…
chapter 3:…
chapter 4:…
chapter 5:…

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