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It's Far From Over Ch 24
Chapter 24
Jareth's P.O.V
Jareth sat in his throne and absent-mindedly listened to his chief of staff, Greta. Admittedly, she was one of his least annoying Goblins, following his orders without question or mishap and never bothering him without good reason.
Today, however, he was finding her tedious. He was exhausted from his long journey the previous day and had arrived late to find Fenrir waiting in his study.
He thought back over their late night conversation.
He had strode into his study to find Fenrir lurking in the shadows.
"You'd better have an excellent reason for being here Fenrir, I thought I told you to watch Sarah!" He said darkly, conjuring a Crystal and throwing into the fireplace where flames jumped to life.
Fenrir snarled and shuffled away from the warmth and light. Jareth smirked wickedly.
"The mortal sleeps, my King." Fenrir huffed.
"That does not mean she won't wake and sneak off somewhere, she's clever like that." Jareth remarked.
"I would know if she moved from her
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It's Far From Over Ch 23
Chapter 23
Jareth’s P.O.V
Jareth watched Sarah toss uneasily in her sleep. The soft light of dawn weakly illuminated the troubled features of her face.
Silently, he produced a crystal and peered into, watching as Sarah’s dream filled the orb.  Sarah was trapped in the Junk fields desperately trying to claw her way free of the junk that was rapidly dragging her down.
“What perculiar dreams mortals have.” Jareth whispered, shaking his head at the image before him. With a wave of his hand over the crystal, the scene shimmered and transformed into a Ballroom. Ladies and gentlemen dressed in vibrant colours whirled round the dance floor. In the midst of them stood Sarah, dressed in a beautiful gown of green that matched her eyes perfectly, and looking utterly confused.
“Much better.” Jareth said, satisfied.
Jareth lifted his gaze to the sleeping Sarah and smirked at the look of bewilderment that mirrored that of her dream self.
With a shower of glitt
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It's Far From Over Ch 22
Sarah’s P.O.V
“Lady! Lady I’ve found lots! Sees!” A small Goblin weighed down with objects rushed towards, nimbly jumping over the piles of junk in his way.
“That's excellent.” Sarah informed him, crouching down to better see his findings.
There was a smashed clock, an old one eyed teddy, part of a snapped pencil, a badly cracked hand mirror, a book with mostly torn pages and a solitary sock. Sarah’s heart sank as she looked over the other Goblin’s piles of junk and saw that none of them had found anything that even remotely resembled a peach.
She did her best to smile, this was the fifth time they’d played ‘treasure hunt’ and each time the Goblin’s had failed to find the enchanted peach. Sarah was finding it very hard not to despair.
“Who’s won this time Lady?” The first Goblin asked eagerly.
“Well, it looks like you have the most items on the list so I guess it’s you.” The firs
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Twilight by OtoriReka Twilight :iconotorireka:OtoriReka 8 3 Look Before you Leap by OtoriReka Look Before you Leap :iconotorireka:OtoriReka 2 3 Every adventure requires a first step by OtoriReka Every adventure requires a first step :iconotorireka:OtoriReka 4 5
It's Far From Over Ch 21
Chapter 21
Sarah’s P.O.V
Sarah rubbed at her tired eyes as she crept through through the slumbering Goblin City in the early morning light. The place was eerily silent which, Sarah was thankful for she didn’t want anyone seeing her and reporting back to Jareth.
Sarah had woken early after a restless night, not being able to go back to sleep, she decided that she might as well get up and do something useful. She blamed her uneasy night on her confrontation with Jareth the night before. She berated herself for letting Jareth play on her emotions, now he knew what an effect he could have on her, he was bound to try something similar again. Next time I won’t be so pathetic, he’s The Goblin King for crying out loud, Heroines aren’t supposed to go all mushy when the Villain kisses them, heck the Villains aren’t even supposed to kiss the Heroin in the first place! Sarah fumed and she pulled on a simple green dress over brown leggings, which she had found at
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It's Far From Over Ch 20
I meant to upload this chapter earlier but I wasn’t really happy with it so I’ve been re-writing it quite a bit. This chapter does get a little steamy; there isn’t any sex or naked Goblin Kings (sadly) but things do heat up between Sarah and Jareth briefly so if you don’t like that sort of thing don’t read on.
Chapter 20
Sarah’s P.O.V
Sarah Inwardly groaned, she had been contemplating different ways she could search for the peach without Jareth finding out what she was up to, but so far you had nothing. She knew he would set somebody to watch her and this it would probably not be someone she could so easily sneak away from like the Goblins. Besides if she kept evading who ever Jareth had spying on her he was bound to get suspicious. She absent mindedly picked at the food in front of her, not really eating much of anything.
“I hope you’re still not thinking of ways to escape me precious.” Jareth asked from where he sat at the head of
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It's Far From Over Chapter 19
Chapter 19
Jareth’s P.O.V
Jareth sat on his Throne, his legs casually dangling over one side, a crystal dancing across is fingertips. The room was abuzz with chatter and laughter; the Goblins were being more unruly than usual. It was Jareth’s punishment of Sarah’s three friends that had caused the Goblins boisterous behaviour. They were never happier than when somebody else was being punished.
Jareth chuckled darkly as an image of the threesome flicked in the crystal. They were trying hard to block out the screams and shrieks of the nightmares that swooped around them. He continued to watch as Hoggle picked up a dead branch and tied swiping at the dark wraiths that were swarming around only for his makeshift weapon to go uselessly through it.
He tossed the crystal orb high into the high air with another chuckle and turned to watch the Goblins, who had quickly turned his Throne room into a war zone. Usually Jareth would have been annoyed at the outrageous mess his subj
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On The Cliffs by OtoriReka On The Cliffs :iconotorireka:OtoriReka 17 11
It's Far From Over Ch 18
Sarah’s P.O.V
Sarah followed her fluttering guide as it led her further into the labyrinth; she watched the light dance off its wings as the sun steadily climbed higher into the sky. They had been walking for some time now and her guide showed no sign of stopping anytime soon. She followed in silence as the Butterfly fluttered through the twists and turns of the giant maze.
“How on earth does it know where it’s going?” she wondered aloud to herself.
Sarah only hesitated when the butterfly flitted through a large crevasse in one of the walls. She peered cautiously into the darkness. She could see the small red glow from the butterfly as it darted further into the blackness.
“Courage don’t desert me now!” she whispered to herself, taking a deep breath and plunged into the gloom. She was met with a gust of cold and damp air. The interior was rough and rocky; she placed one hand on the stone wall to steady herself and gathered up her skirts in the
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Out the Window by OtoriReka Out the Window :iconotorireka:OtoriReka 3 0 Waiting in the Garden by OtoriReka Waiting in the Garden :iconotorireka:OtoriReka 2 0 Waiting by OtoriReka Waiting :iconotorireka:OtoriReka 9 1 From the Balcony by OtoriReka From the Balcony :iconotorireka:OtoriReka 1 3

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Labyrinth Video ( Jareth's Revenge)

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 5:15 AM
Found this really cool Video on youtube, i can't stop watching it.
It uses my favorite film, labyrinth, and my favorite song from the 1997 Anastasia film.
This video made me smile and it's really well made so enjoy :)…

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